class – october 16

I must admit I really enjoy searches.  The library class was so helpful.  We were such a quiet group that day.  It was interesting to see the dynamics.  Very into directed learning at the time. 

I have been spending alot of time reviewing in my memory, the literacy program we had at the Miami Valley Literacy Council.  I realize very few of us, including myself were truly prepared to work with adults in a “whole” manner. 

I am getting obsessive about the 3rd paper.  I love the topic .  Hope I can address this in the way I would like to.  Not drift too much.  My mother lives in Lancaster County ,Pa and I am very interested in how their programs deal with civics in their citizenship classes with a large and concentrated Hispanic population.  There is a very activist consortium of churches and organizations that work on different levels with the population of legal and illegal immigrants.  Many are farm workers.  I would be interested to get their take on this.  I have alot of contacts up there in the area of churches.