class 9/25

This is my fifth attempt to get edublogs to accept my post.  I’ve been having problems when I go to publish.  I was amazed at the discussion last week.  The lunchroom topic was of great interest to me as I observe it on a regular basis at the high school I work at .  We have about 30% of the school’s population as a minority group.  I see segregated lunch tables all the time.  I’m know it is by choice but is it because of comfort level?  My daughter seems to think so.  She says she feels uncomfortable when she tries to sit at the table with the black students.  Nothing hostile – just a feeling of coldness.  In class and in the halls, I see few problems but in social situations such as games and lunch the groupings occur.  My daughters seem much more upfront about the discusssion about race and gender.  Less tippy toeing and more pushing of the envelope in a discussion.

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