Remarks from Nov. 20 class

I was just kidding around about no more self examination and reflection.   I felt like the discussion about Levinson was like the old addage What comes first the chicken or the egg.  The events and the cause and effect.  I think at times it is very hard to know.  Being open for events to create change is a valid point to pursue.  I think I will miss blogging.  Never thought I would say that.  I found it hard enough to write in my children’s baby books.

October 6

I felt like I was in a time warp or in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy when watching that film.  I remember those days very well.  I was living on the Navajo Res. at the time with all the other ex-hippies looking for a place to find significance and doing my student teaching.  Thinking that the Native American way of life might help us find the path.  Very idealistic and naive.  Alot of soul searching after the end of the sixties.  I am still trying to digest all the ways of learning in the film.  I am familiar with many of them coming from the first generation of NOW women.  I’m not certain that the women and girls of today  know how uncomfortable the atmosphere was at the time and how older women were very upset and resentful (including my relatives). I’m sorry I sounded harsh when discussing the character of Michael Kaine but coming from a time of women’s studies classes, I admit I still harbour a bit of irritation about men teaching women about life.

Since I wasn’t in class

I was not in class last week so I almost forgot to blog.  I have watched, all this week, adults learning new skills and excitement at the Obama headquarters.  People pushing themselves to go to strangers homes and speak one on one with potential voters.  For many it was a daunting task but it was like being caught up in a tsaunami.  My daughter was a bit uncomfortable with it when she went canvassing with me or making phone calls but as time went on she was caught up with it  also.  I am exhausted.  Even with my headaches I felt as though I had to keep going.  I am still in awe of the whole process.

Class – October 23

This is the first time I almost forgot to do my blog.  I have been canvassing and calling everyday.  I’ve certainly been carried away.  The topic and the testing last week was interesting.  I can see some of the value of this.  I did get a kick out of seeing that the side of my learning emphasis was in the area of teaching which is what I still enjoy doing.  I’m very aware that in many learning situations, I need to see why something needs to be done a certain way in order to really retain that information.  Purpose is a big deal to me.    I came back from Rock the Vote last night where I volunteered.  Found that I had not chosen publish for my post – must have chosen save.  Sorry!!!    I am still tired from last night.  I am planning on renting Educating Rita (which I saw many times years ago) as I will be in DC on Thursday.

class – october 16

I must admit I really enjoy searches.  The library class was so helpful.  We were such a quiet group that day.  It was interesting to see the dynamics.  Very into directed learning at the time. 

I have been spending alot of time reviewing in my memory, the literacy program we had at the Miami Valley Literacy Council.  I realize very few of us, including myself were truly prepared to work with adults in a “whole” manner. 

I am getting obsessive about the 3rd paper.  I love the topic .  Hope I can address this in the way I would like to.  Not drift too much.  My mother lives in Lancaster County ,Pa and I am very interested in how their programs deal with civics in their citizenship classes with a large and concentrated Hispanic population.  There is a very activist consortium of churches and organizations that work on different levels with the population of legal and illegal immigrants.  Many are farm workers.  I would be interested to get their take on this.  I have alot of contacts up there in the area of churches.

October 9 class

Sorry to have missed much of the last class.  I really detest missing a class as I feel it forms a disconnect.  I still feel a bit freaked out for the topic for the paper.  I don’t have too much to say in this blog as I am a bit under the weather.  Hope to have more to say with the next one.

October 2 – FEMINISM

I told my daughter I was referring to her comments about what wave feminist I was.  Perhaps I am just a feminazi !!!!  It’s nice to at least be on the same wavelength as my daughter.  She was just hired by her college to teach a class this semester.  Her comment was  “I don’t even need my MFA to teach this class”.  I am having a hard time understanding this generation of women.  She doesn’t seem to see that even in my generation many women did not have the opportunity to continue on with school.  Social pressures were still prevalent to encourage most women to follow the road most of their mothers did – college, then marriage and perhaps going back to a career later.  Exploration is great but…… It bugs me. 

class 9/25

This is my fifth attempt to get edublogs to accept my post.  I’ve been having problems when I go to publish.  I was amazed at the discussion last week.  The lunchroom topic was of great interest to me as I observe it on a regular basis at the high school I work at .  We have about 30% of the school’s population as a minority group.  I see segregated lunch tables all the time.  I’m know it is by choice but is it because of comfort level?  My daughter seems to think so.  She says she feels uncomfortable when she tries to sit at the table with the black students.  Nothing hostile – just a feeling of coldness.  In class and in the halls, I see few problems but in social situations such as games and lunch the groupings occur.  My daughters seem much more upfront about the discusssion about race and gender.  Less tippy toeing and more pushing of the envelope in a discussion.

September 18,2008 class

I’m not certain as to why last weeks’ class seemed confusing to me.   Perhaps I was on another wavelength.  I think my fellow students are very thoughtful and that is so enjoyable to me.  I am a substitute teacher at my school and there seems to be a distance between me and the teaching staff and little discussion about school matters from most of the fulltime teachers.  This class  allows me to use my past experiences in education and my experience with the literacy council.  I am always thinking of my students as great examples during class.  I feel as though I’m looking at my students when I read WWK. I realize many of my students felt the way we discussed with an external locus.  I know they felt powerless.